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The Garden of Corten

Schneider presents a new line of products for the furniture, the original invoice and in the material, Corten. The fascination with the Corten steel comes from its nature of work in progress, with its infinite shades colors, its warm tones that seem to keep track of indelible peculiar workings of master blacksmiths of the past generations.

the study of each piece, object, furniture or structure, is entrusted to the care of architects careful in finding the best solutions for the home and garden space. The strong suggestion tactile material and the material is enriched understated elegance and rigorous, always a distinguishing characteristic of products Schneider. Corten, a valuable material with a peculiar feature, eternity.

What is the Corten?

The word 'cor-ten' is a neologism derived from the contraction of two English expressions: corrosion resistance (cor) and tensile strengh (ten), referring to their excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of steel. Patented in the thirties in America, the Corten steel has been widely applied in construction, industrial and outdoor architecture.

Among the most important types of steel with a low content of alloy elements (in particular copper, chromium and phosphorus), allows a use varied and less maintenance compared to carbon. It is said also in Europe and in other parts of the world.



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